Site Considerations

Utility-scale solar energy projects can vary in size.  Some projects produce as little as 5 to 10 megawatts of electricity.  However, most utility-scale solar electrical generation systems are very large and produce vast amounts of electricity. Generally, these projects range from 50 to 500 megawatts in size and can energize thousands of homes and businesses.

Large utility-scale solar energy generation projects cover large tracts of land, which can have disastrous impacts on the environment.  Many of these types of projects across the country have harmed habitat for various species of animals.  Constructing these large solar arrays usually requires clearing massive areas of vegetation from the project site.  Often these arrays are in remote areas which may be located at great distances from the site of electricity need.  This requires new infrastructure to transport the electricity.  Building this infrastructure can cause additional environmental damage as well.

Shared solar energy projects produce from 500 kilowatts to 20 megawatts of electricity.  Some developers needlessly construct Community Shared Solar projects in the same manner that utility-scale projects are built and also cause adverse environmental consequences for large areas of land.  Impact Solar is different.  We construct Multi-Unit Shared Solar projects on the property where the electricity is used.  No new land is damaged, and no additional infrastructure is required to transport the electricity.  We use previously developed land by installing solar on rooftops or parking lot covers, in shopping centers, government buildings, parks, and churches, saving raw land from environmental damage.

Covering parking lots with solar has other advantages.  Asphalt parking lots damage our environment through the heat-island effect, which causes our cities to grow hotter.  Solar on covered parking lots mitigates the heat-island effect caused by asphalt, therefore cooling our environment.  Shaded areas under covered parking can create comfortable spaces for people to live and enjoy.

Solutions from Impact Solar are environmentally friendly.  Additionally, we create projects that can provide large amounts of safe renewable energy, which helps our country become energy independent.  Contact Impact Solar about shared solar today.