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Everyone who owns a commercial building must understand benchmarking.  If your property is 50,000 square feet or larger, and it is located in California, you are required to submit an annual benchmarking report.  Your first report was due June 1, 2018, and it will be made public next year.

What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a method of determining the energy efficiency of a building compared to similar properties in the area.  Properties that use electricity less efficiently will cost the property owner and tenants more money for their electricity.

Once the benchmarking reports are made public, everyone will know if a property uses too much electricity.  Additionally, prospective tenants will be able to compare the cost of electricity between buildings.  This can be an advantage or a disadvantage for your property.  Protect your interest by acting today.

Impact Solar will prepare your first benchmarking report for free.

We can show you how your property compares to other commercial buildings.  We will also prepare an action plan that will show you how you can improve your property’s benchmarking score.  In most cases the plan will include going solar.  Finally, we will give you a no-obligation quote to do the necessary work to raise your benchmarking score.

The requirement to benchmark buildings over 50,000 square feet is likely the first step.  California’s Zero Net Energy Roadmap requires that all new and 50% of existing commercial building be at zero net energy by 2030.  To meet this goal properties under 50,000 will need to meet the benchmarking requirements soon.  Plan ahead and let Impact Solar prepare a benchmark report and action plan for your property today.

Not Just for California

Benchmarking is a tool that can benefit all commercial property owners.  By benchmarking your property, you can find out how your property stacks up.  You can give your property a competitive advantage, and at the same time, and make your property more valuable.

Shared solar can reduce tenants’ electricity bills and provide additional revenue to owners of commercial properties.  Impact Solar will make installation of shared multi-unit solar easy.  Additionally, there are many financing methods available including off-balance sheet, and low-interest options that do not require a down payment.  We are always happy to help, so contact us today.