For Tenants

“Show me the money!”  It doesn’t seem to matter how much we earn.  Everything simply costs a lot, including our electricity.  Each year we usually receive a rate increase, so our costs keep going up.  But there’s something you can do to end the cycle and reduce how much you pay for your electricity.  You can purchase your electricity from a Multi-Unit Shared Solar system and pay less than you are paying right now.

In addition to saving money, there are other benefits from purchasing your electricity from a Multi-Unit Shared Solar system.

Benefits from clean, solar energy


Cleaner air

A Better Climate

Reduced Acid Rain

USA Energy Independence

Fewer Environmental Health Hazards


A Legacy For the Future

The best benefit, however, is saving money while at the same time taking care of the environment.  Who would not want to do that?

For you to benefit from a Multi-Unit Shared Solar system, your landlord would need to sponsor a project.  A billing arrangement called Virtual Net Metering allows you to receive a credit from the solar system on your electric bill.  Your building owner would pay for the solar array, so you will also receive a bill for your electricity from the solar system.  However, you will pay less than you are paying right now.

You may be renting from a property that doesn’t have a Multi-Unit Shared Solar system.  Your landlord may not even know that Multi-Unit Shared Solar exists.  That’s where you can help.  Tell you landlord that you are interested in getting solar electricity from a shared system.  Give them our contact information and Impact Solar will do everything we can to help them find value in providing you with clean solar electricity.  If your landlord decides to let us help them go solar, we will partner with them to “show you the money”.