Condo's and HOAs

For many years homeowners have benefited by purchasing or leasing a solar electrical generation system, which allows them to save money on their electric bills. Unfortunately, those owning a residential condominium or townhouse have not been able to take advantage of the same benefits.  Owners of commercial condominiums have also been left out and forced to pay high rates for their electricity.  Multi-Unit Shared Solar is a game changer and allows condominium owners to receive the same benefits as homeowners and pay less for their electricity.

There are many financing options available for condominium owners that do not require a down payment. Some options provide revenue to the HOA, thereby, reducing the HOA fees.

Utility companies regularly raise their rates. Once you own a solar electricity generation system, your cost of electricity is locked by ownership of the system, and the rate no longer goes up.  Solar systems pay themselves off with the money you are currently paying for electricity.  Once the system is free and clear your electricity will cost you nothing except for maintenance expenses for the remaining life of the system.

Impact Solar makes going solar easy. We also make owning solar easy by providing you with the best in class operations and maintenance service available. Contact Impact Solar today for a no-obligation quote. We will design a solar electrical generation system and financing plan to meet your specific needs.