Community Shared Solar

Consider this:

  • Would you like to pay less for your electricity?
  • Are you are interested in having solar energy, but you rent, own a condominium, or a solar electrical generation system cannot be installed on your property?
  • Do you worry that if you install solar on your roof it may leak?
  • Have you ever felt that solar would not look good on your house?
  • Do you worry about having to deal with maintenance issues caused by your solar system?
  • Are you are planning to move and do not want to install solar just to have to do it all over again?
  • Does your credit score prevent you from financing a rooftop solar electrical generation system?
  • Have you ever wondered if there is a more cost-effective way to go solar and would you like to explore other options?

Community Shared Solar is a new way to go solar and save money on your electric bill.  This is how it works:  Impact Solar builds a large solar array and sells the array in many smaller pieces.  You purchase a piece of the solar array to meet your electricity needs.  Your ownership interest in the Community-Shared Solar system is a subscription.  The credit generated by your subscription shows up on your electric bill just like owning a rooftop solar system.  Community Shared Solar from Impact Solar makes going solar easy.

Benefits of Community Shared Solar:


Community Shared Solar costs less than rooftop solar because of economies of scale. A large system costs less to build than a small rooftop system.

Move Friendly

If you move within your utility district, you can transfer the benefit from your Community Shared Solar system to your new home, and you can continue to receive savings on your electric bill.



The benefit of owning Community Shared Solar continues if you move outside your utility district because you can sell your subscription to someone else.

Leak Free

Since your solar is not on your roof it will never leak, and the system will not affect the appearance of your home.

Tax Credits

You receive the benefits of tax credits and depreciation which reduces the cost of your Community Shared Solar subscription just like rooftop solar.


Easy Financing

Because you are subscribing to part of a larger array, financing is easier than trying to finance a rooftop solar electrical generation system.

Hassle Free

Your life is hassle-free because someone else professionally maintains the system

The best way to go solar is to subscribe to a Community Shared Solar project.

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