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Here at Impact Solar we assist households and businesses with their shared renewable energy needs. Feel free to contact us for a quote or to learn more about how we can help you use renewable energy today.

Impact Solar, LLC serves households and businesses in Arizona, California, and Oregon. Research shows most households and businesses cannot have their own rooftop solar systems. However, here at Impact Solar we believe everyone should have the opportunity to save money on their energy purchases. Through Multi-Unit Shared Solar and Community Shared Solar we make this a reality. 

Benefits of Shared over Rooftop Solar

Research conducted by GTM found that “many customers are prevented from installing solar on their own homes due to low credit scores, roof shading or because they don’t own their home.  Due to these factors, 77 percent of U.S residential households are likely ineligible for rooftop solar”. But this is not true for Multi-Unit and Community Shared solar options making these the best options for households and businesses alike.

Shared solar saves more money than rooftop. This is because while rooftop systems are small, shared solar systems are large, and because of economies of scale, everything from permits to materials and labor are less expensive.


There are many options available to finance Multi-Unit Shared Solar that include primary ownership or third-party ownership and grants to finance the entire endeavor.

More Solar Power

Because of the greater size of Shared Solar it saves more money than small, rooftop solar structures.

Possible for Everyone

Research shows 77% of people are ineligible for rooftop solar systems. But they are eligible for Shared and Community Solar options.

Community Shared

Even though solar is nowhere in sight, members of this option will still enjoy the low cost benefits of having solar.

Multi-Unit Shared Solar

A large solar array is built on the same property as the tenant’s unit.  The solar system can be installed on the property’s rooftop, on shade or parking structures, or on land adjoining…

Community Shared Solar

This option works for tenants of properties whose owners do not install Multi-Unit Shared Solar and for everyone who is ineligible from owning a rooftop solar system. This includes…

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